2. How many questions in your survey?

If you’re planning a very short survey of 5-10 questions, then you’re unlikely to go wrong with any of the survey software solutions on the market. Many of the poll software offerings are easy to use, and they’re often free for just a few questions. They may be limited in their application, but they can be very effective when evaluating the effectiveness of websites. Some organizations even run extensive research programs using single question polls strategically placed throughout their websites.

Generally, the more questions you’re asking in your survey, the more complex the process. You need to remember that participants taking your survey aren’t going to be pleased if it takes too long to complete, and will certainly be most displeased if they’ve been told it will only take 5 minutes and it lasts 20 minutes.

Keep your surveys as short as possible, and if need be consider a follow-up survey at a later date.

Avoid questionnaire design “by committee” – there’s always a temptation to appease everybody, but results in a survey that gets longer and longer loses focus. Decide on the precise purpose of your survey at the very beginning, and stick to it.

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