7. How many replies are you expecting?

A sample as low as 50 replies is easy to handle even if you have to look at each individual reply manually to analyze the results. You can use a spreadsheet program and produce some acceptable results. As the size of your survey increases, the more you’ll want the process to be automated. Many software solutions only produce a file of results in a format for the likes of Excel. On the face of it, you may think you’re an Excel whizz, but take it from the experts, spreadsheet software is not very automated and you could be in for hours of frustration.

Survey software solutions provide different levels of analysis. Some do little more than generate an Excel spreadsheet for you to do all the work. Others provide depths of statistical testing that most of us don’t have the expertise to interpret. Think very carefully about the types of analysis you might need, in terms of tables, charts, statistics, and printed reports. You need to strike the right balance between depth of analysis and complexity.

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