1. How many surveys are you planning?

If the answer is “just one” and this might be the very first survey that you’ve ever carried out, then think carefully about the time it will take you plus the steep learning curve and decide whether this is a good use of your expertise. Perhaps it might be prudent to outsource the entire task. You might be trying to organize a survey of your staff for the first time. This is quite a sensitive topic, and there are consultants out there who do this for a living, often specializing in specific areas such as Human Resources. They have the experience in choosing the right questions. They also have the ability to offer comparisons (benchmarks) against other organizations similar to your own.

If the answer is “the first of many,” you’ll need to think carefully about the team to be undertaking the survey task. Do they have sufficient skills to design a range of questionnaires? Do they need any specific training? Who will take on the responsibility of analyzing the survey? Who will interpret the results and write the final report?

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