11. Who else might need access to your results?

If literally nobody is going to need access to your survey and its results apart from you, then you don’t need to consider the Import/Export capabilities of any survey software solutions. However, this is probably unlikely. Your clients/colleagues are likely to want to view the results in a PDF or PowerPoint format. Colleagues might offer help to analyze the results and want the data in a format that they can access. It’s quite possible that you might need to merge the data with other systems within the organization.

Take the issue of Import/Export seriously and consider what specifications are provided for moving resources from one system to another. Many software suppliers have adopted Triple S as a standard interchange format (www.triple-s.org), enabling them to move not only the survey results between different systems, but also all the definitions within the survey. If you’re involving market research agencies at any point, they certainly will appreciate Triple S compatibility as most of their systems support it.

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